Friday, July 31, 2009

Kevin Lee Herring III ~ ACTOR

Kevin has been doing drama for several years now. Recently he has decided to try and do more, especially with film. We work with an agent and go out on auditions regularly. In June Kevin was cast in a set of three commercials for BYU Independent Study. He was the "lead" and only actor for one and a "featured extra" for another. The commercials were made by Greenlight Films! These were the NICEST people to work with! They were fun, creative, supportive, and just plain awesome!
For the first commercial the concept was this: A kid is out in a field flying a kite when a plane flies over head. The kid is inspired to build a glider and fly to new heights.
So on June 23rd, 2009 Kevin became Kite Boy. The shoot was in a wheat field in Lehi, Ut. We were on set for about 9hrs. Kevin worked SUPER hard and did great! This is just a very few of the photos from the shoot. If you want to see more you can go to this link KITE BOY.
Joy got to spend all day on set with Kevin, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Jensen watching the other 3 kids. It was really great to watch Kevin doing something he loves and is so good at. Here are a few of the behind the scene shots I took. I told Kevin when he was famous I would sell these to the tabloids :-)
They set up a tent and lounge spot for Kevin and even provided a game boy and games for his down time. He ended up with very little time to play and lounge but he loved that he got special treatment.
This one it totally staged! The 12yr old boy thought it was really funny. I guess there is a bit of 12yr old in mommy too since I took it :-) I told him when he was a hot star this one would get me a Yacht!

About 3:00 in the afternoon Kevin started to loose energy. The Director came over to me and asked "what can we do help Kevin get excited again?" I went out into the wheat field and asked him what would be a good motivation? He got that great (evil) grin of his and said tickets to the MIDNIGHT SHOWING of Transformers 2. So being the sucker I am I said OK :-) Then I had to get on the phone to about 4 different people to try and get the tickets for Kevin and Kevin Lee. It worked out that when we got done on set Kevin took off with his uncle Joe and went rock climbing for a few hours, then called a friend (a girl) to meet them at the movies at midnight. He must have had a lot of adrenalin from being a star to have lasted through such CRAZY day!

It was a LONG, Hot, educational, GREAT day!

Commercial #2
A week later on June 30th, 2009 Kevin did the second commercial. For this one we where filming up South Fork in Provo Canyon. The idea for this one is that a kid is determined to fly and with the help of about a thousand balloons makes an old truck "fly". Kevin was one of the kids on the ground who sees this.

Kevin is a kid playing baseball when the "balloon truck" flies overhead.The kids all chase the "balloon truck" as it flies above them.

Getting to work with the other kids in this commercial was a good experience for Kevin. He was the oldest kid on the set. We both were a little surprised at the attitudes of some of the kids and I was very proud of how mature and professional Kevin behaved. They had fun with the crew and each other during another long day of filming.

The Director and Director of Photography ( the guy running the camera) for this commercial was a great guy named Devin Graham. Devin had been the Director of Photography for the Kite Boy commercial too so Kevin had become familiar with how he worked. Devin had a habit of saying "just once more" and then shooting the scene 4 to 6 more times :-) By the end of the day this had become a pretty big joke on set. At the very end Devin made a deal with the kids that "after these last 2 takes if I say "just once more" you can through my hat in the stream." The kids got a kick out of that. When it was all over Devin wanted a picture with all the kids.
But then he said "just one more" and they all attacked him ~ all in good fun!!!

This whole project was a lot of fun, very educational and Kevin's first paying gig $$$$ :-)

Devin has a clip of some of his projects including these commercials if you want to see it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


1) The sun is really a star.

2) The Sun is the closest star to Earth.

3) The sun is a ball of hot, glowing gasses.

4) The part we see is about 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) The Sun shoots flairs of hot gas thousands of miles into space.


1) When Mercury is closest to the Sun, the Sun is three time bigger than it.

2) The only time to see Mercury from earth is during twilight.

3) If Earth was a baseball than Mercury would be a golf ball.

4) Venus is hotter than Mercury.

5) The is no watter on Mercury but there may be a little ice in deep craters.


1) You can see Venus from Earth with the naked eye.

2) Venus is named after the goddess of love and beauty.

3) Venus has no moons.

4) To get to Venuses surface you would have to go through hurricane winds and lightning.

5) If we switched to Venus clocks a school day would be four months.


1) Is the only planet to harbor life.

2) It is the fifth largest plant.

3) It is just a few hundred kilometers bigger than Venus.

4) Our moon is responsible for stabilizing our wobble.

5) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are similar because they all have rocky surfaces and meteor impact craters.


1)Mars is thought to be very earth like.

2)Giant dust storms cover the whole planet.

3)Mars has polar ice caps.

4)Mars has enough frozen water to fill lake Michigan twice.

5)Phobos is slowly moving towards mars.


1)The atmosphere can crush a metal spacecraft like a paper cup.

2)The great red spot is as big as three earths.

3)Jupiter has 49 moons.

4)It has four planet sized moons.

5)Ganymede is the only moon to have a magnetic field.


1)A person or spacecraft dropping through the icy clouds would be crushed.

2)Saturn is like Jupiter except it does not have a solid surface.

3)Saturn has cloud stripes like Jupiter but they are harder to see.

4)Saturn's rings are mostly ice and rock.

5)The chunks of ice rock can be as small as a grain of sugar or as big as a house


1)It has the brightest clouds in our solar system.

2)It was the first planet discovered by a telescope.

3)It takes 84 years to orbit the sun.

4)It is mainly made out of hydrogen and helium.

5)It gets its blue color from methane gas like Neptune